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We offer finest embroideried Kantha in dresses, beding or quilt.

Bengal’s Dokra is a GI Tagged famous ancient Art Form

Beautiful wooden dolls and wood carvings are intrinsic to Bengal

Ancient Audio-visual art from of Bengal with bio colours

Bengal mastered in baking clay into long-lasting terracotta for centuries.

Bengal produced finest woven-grass articles for generations



Mission Srejonee

Srejonee is poised to bring the fascinating Handicraft heritage of Bengal and Eastern India to you. Hidden treasures of handmade Home Décor, Wall Décor, Eco-friendly Cutlery or Kitchenware, handmade jewellery, exquisite Kantha stich Saris or Dupatta are scattered all over Bengal and Eastern India. Be it Terracotta, Bamboo, Wood or even coconut shell is also used. These artifacts in their vibrancy and exquisiteness have a defining purpose and identity to elevate themselves from just pieces of utility to finest form of traditional art which is our cultural heritage.

Vision Srejonee

Srejonee opens the door to countless untold stories behind every handicraft you buy, which are purely handmade, authentic and curated with love by talented artisans and our in-house experts. All of our products are innovated to suit modern day living while celebrating the elegance & beauty of their legacy. When you buy from us, you not only help preserve century old traditions, but you indulge into a love story ecosystem built on fundamentals of Handmade, Eco-friendly, Made in India, No Chemical Hazards, Environment conscious, Sustainable, No Cruelty, Women Empowerment and Fair Trade.

We take pride in reintroducing the huge treasure trove of Bengal Handicraft to Indians in every corner of the country and the larger audience worldwide.

untold stories behind every handicraft

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