Bamboo Hanging Lamp Bell Shape


Name: Bamboo Hanging Lampshade (Bell)
Code: BK0321HDA1045
Description: Bengal Bamboo Craft
Material:  Bamboo
Color: Wood white
Box Size:  41 cm x 24 cm  x 20 cm
Volumetric Weight: 3696 gm
Utility: Lighting, Home Decor, Wall Accent
Care: Wipe liquid spills with a dry cloth, allow to dry naturally.

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In ancient times, Indian handicraft industry was thriving and spread all over the world, but in the glow of modernity, ancient artforms that were part of our personal life gave way to modernized, machine made work. With our Bamboo collection, we aim to bring back this vintage, handmade style to your homes. This unique & natural bamboo lamp is ideal for any indoor or outdoor setting. Special Note: Traditional hand carved artform. Kindly allow minor crafting defects.

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Weight 3936 g