Chowkas Pot Maha Kali & Shiva (Medium) – Original


Name: Chowkas Pot Maha Kali & Shiva (Medium) – Original
Code: PC1220WHA1015
Description: Bengal Patachitra – Chowkas Pot (Original)
Material: Handmade paper canvas & natural colors
Color: Multicolor
Size: 22 in x 14 in
Weight: 400 g
Care: Wipe with dry, soft cloth. Exposure to sunlight & high humidity can cause potential discoloration. Ideal for indoor setting.
Utility: Home Decor, Wall Hanging, Art Collection

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Originating in the 11th century, Patachitra is an ancient artform of Bengal which is practiced to this day by a tribe of painters called ‘Patuas’. Traditionally they draw mythological figures, Hindu Gods and Goddesses on hand-made paper pasted on a piece of cloth using natural colours derived from herbs, flowers or other materials like soil & indigo.

The Chowkas Pot Mahakaali & Shiva painting is dedicated to the Goddess Kaali (Sanskrit for Kaal; time). It beautifully captures the moment when the raging, fearsome, bloodlust goddess, immersed in battle, stops her rampage as she mistakenly steps on the inert form of her husband, Lord Shiva. A true collector’s item, this original Pata, is hand painted by a master craftswoman of West Bengal.