Dokra Brass Pendant Necklace With Earrings(Oyster Beads)


Name: Dokra Brass Pendant Necklace With Earrings (Oyster Beads)
Code: DK0121ACA2013
Description: Bengal Dokra – Accessory
Size: Standard
Color: White/Ivory
Weight: 39 g
Material: Brass & Oyster Beads
Utility: Accessory
Care: Wipe with soft cotton cloth when needed. Avoid exposure to perfumes, sprays or liquids of any kind. Store separately in a box.

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Indigenous to eastern India, Dokra is a traditional non-ferrous metal casting technique whose origins lie within the 4500-year old Indus Valley Civilization. Artisans from West Bengal, Odisha & Chhattisgarh still practise this rare artform using lost wax thread method to produce varied pieces of art & jewellery which are loved nationally & internationally.

A unique & bespoke handmade Dokra jewellery, this pristine necklace catches the eye for the soothing oyster beads.