Kantha Stitcth Men’s Kurta


Name:  Kantha Stitch Men’s Cotton Panjabi

Code: AA0722FAA3110
Description: Apparels & Accessories
Size:  All Size Available
Color:  Not Specific
Weight: 110 g
Material: Cotton
Utility: Fashion Accessory
Care: Dry clean only.

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A classic and elegant Kantha embroidered Panjabi in eclectic tones of different color. Kantha embroidery is a popular embroidery style of West Bengal which started off as a simple practice of Bengali housewives meandering old clothes by pulling out a strand of thread from the colorful border of their saris and creating simple designs with them. Kantha stitching traditionally was used for weaving simple quilts, light blankets, throw or bedspread for children. Traditional Kantha embroidery signifies a simple running stitch along the edges, giving it a slightly wrinkly and wavy effect. In modern times, this exclusive embroidery style is popular across a variety of garments. Motifs used in Kantha embroidery are generally human, animal figures or floral symbols which cover the surface from the corner.

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Weight 110 g

Nevy Blue, White