Wooden Raja Rani Stool


Name:  Wooden Stool
Code: WW1220ACA2015
Description: Bengal Wood Carving
Material: Mango Wood
Box Size: 32 cm x 32 cm x 43 cm
Color: Natural wood with varnish finish and add some colors.
Volumetric Weight: 8806 gm
Utility: Home Décor, Furniture, Art Collection
Care: Wipe with dry, soft cloth when needed. Keep away from water source & direct sunlight as it can cause wood to rot or lead to potential discoloration. Ideal for indoor setting.

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Intrinsic to Bengal’s handicrafts culture are the carved wooden panels seen in temples and domestic shrines. The Sutradhar crafts folk of Kalna, Burdwan for generations have been traditionally carving blocks of mango and other wood into interesting shapes & figurines. Known for their characteristic style & symbolic colours, goddesses, mythological figures and animals have often been represented in this simple yet uniquely expressive folk style.

Artisans are creating articles of day-to-day household use with this carved wood. The low stool is a perfect example where owl shaped stand has met eco-friendly sabia grass mat as seat. An unique but aesthetic traditional furniture.

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Weight 8806 g