Terracotta Hanging Lamp


Name: Terracotta Hanging Lamp
Code: TK1021HDA3082
Description: Bengal Terracotta – Hanging Lamp
Material: Baked Clay.
Color:  Brick Red
Box Size:  39 cm x 22 cm  x 17 cm
Volumetric Weight: 2917 gm
Care: Wipe with dry, soft cloth when needed. Ideal for both indoor & outdoor setting in Diwali.
Utility: Lighting, Home Décor, Wall Accent

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Terracotta, the ancient art form that flows the earth into our souls. Originating in the Indus Valley Civilization, the art form has adapted & enriched over centuries with artisans uninhibited in their imagination and creativity.
As per Hindu beliefs, the five elements of air, water, earth, fire, and ether lends this artform an air of mystery and auspiciousness. Bengal boasts of the 16th century Vaishnava Terracotta sculpting on Krishna temples of Bishnupur. Probably paucity of natural sand stone prompted artisans of Gangetic Bengal to create ritualistic carvings with terracotta which stand tall against time.
Rural Bengal is a treasure trove of finely crafted terracotta items like pots, figurines including those of iconic Bankura Horses and other items, small and large, for daily use or decorative purpose.

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Weight 2917 g