Terracotta Pakshiraj Ghora


Name: Bankura Horse 12″ (Single)- Red
Code: TK1122HDA2080
Description: Bengal Terracotta – Pakshiraj Ghora Red
Material: Baked Clay
Color: Red
Box Size: 39 cm x 22 cm x 17 cm
Volumetric Weight: 2917 gm
Care: Wipe with dry, soft cloth when needed. Ideal for both indoor & outdoor setting.
Utility: Home Decor, Table Accent

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The Flying Horse of fairy-tale stories have taken shape in this product. Indian and Western mythology is full of such tales of Horses with wings…..

Srejonee terracotta artisans have given shape to that imaginative figure to create this beautiful Pakshiraj Ghora for you.

This an Exclusive Srejonee eco-friendly Terracotta product.  Be first to collect this unique art piece.

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Weight 2917 g