Water Hyacinth Basket


Name: Water Hyacinth Basket
Code: WH1122HDA201
Description: Water Hyacinth Basket
Material: Dry Water Hyacinth
Color: Natural
Box Size:  20 cm x 17 cm  x16 cm
Volumetric Weight: 1088 gm
Utility: Home Decor, Accessories
Care: Wipe with a dry cloth, allow to dry naturally.

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Water Hyacinth is a fast-growing aquatic weed. They grow on stagnated water bodies of tropical countries and are considered a menace as they completely cover lakes, ponds and reduces the water quality & quantity.

As our commitment to preserve natural environment Srejonee is developing indigenous ways of making alternative use of Water Hyacinth fibers as a raw material for rural people to create different eco-friendly bio-degradable items like Baskets, Planters, Ladies Bags, Coasters etc.

We are sure you will find these articles unique, useful and a symbol of your commitment towards a plastic-free environment.

Please join us in this crusade

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Weight 1088 g